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  • To function as a National Body for Blood Donor Organizations, Voluntary Blood Donors and Motivators for scientific advancement and research on Donor Motivation and topics relevant to the aims and objects of the Society.

  • To undertake or aid directly through its affiliated bodies schemes for furtherance of Voluntary. Blood Donation Programme.

  • To organize and maintain programmes. institution, for the training of Motivators for the Voluntary blood donation programme.

  • To establish a Central Bureau for the study and collection of data and statistics in respect of Voluntary Blood Donation programme.

  • To publish studies, treatise, books periodicals reports and other literature relating to Voluntary Blood Donation.

  • To promote dissemination of information and to educate public opinion for Voluntary Blood Donation on scientific basis.

  • To organize Seminars periodical conferences and symposia to promote Voluntary Blood Donation

  • To promote enactment of legislation and reform in existing laws relating to Blood Programme.

  • To act as an advisory and research forum to the legislative bodies, Committees and Government Bodies.

  • To Conduct any other activity as may be decided by the Governing Council of the Association for furtherance of the objects of the Society.

  • To promote reciprocal arrangements for blood and blood components amongst the affiliated bodies and other organization working in this field.

  • To co-operate with National and lnternational Organizations having similar objectives and to depute or receive representatives to and from such organizations

  • To send delegates or observers to National and International Conferences on Voluntary Blood Donation

  • To receive grants donations, fees or subscription gifts and endowments. requests and trusts of movable or immovable property of any kind from Government Cooperative Societies Companies or other persons on such terms and conditions to be laid down by the Governing Body and otherwise to receive them and to manage and administer the funds at the disposal of the Society.

  • To purchase, construct, manage and alter buildings and to equip them suitably for the purpose of the Society

  • To manage. sell. transfer, pledge, or otherwise dispose off or deal with property of any kind which may be at the disposal of the Society

  • To enter into contracts for and in connection with the pursuance of any of the purpose of the Society.

  • The income and profits of the Society whatsoever derived or obtained shall be solely applied towards me promotion of the objects of the Society

  • This Society will act as an upgraded body, having national status.
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